Tomatoes, First Harvest..


Caro Rich… very juicy and meaty, has a mild flavor..

As it’s an early variety it matures in 50-60 days after transplant

its a heavy produce compared to other varieties I’ve grown.

Some Tomatoes had cracks though the packet from Annadana says it’s crack resistant, another issue was blossom-end rot one plant fell victim to that had to remove those tomatoes early, but none had curly leave virus issues 🙂





Cherry Tomato Dwarf

Some update & Pictures of Tomatoes.

When i started my seeds in September 2012, I planted some tomatoes as well. I had two varieties of tomatoes–

PMLS Round & Cherries.

PMLS round did not germinate at all . I didn’t do any labeling so I wasn’t sure what’s what.. so I was hoping that out of the 9 seedlings some might be cherry & some PMLS round. Now I know all those were cherry tomatoes only. Out of the 9 I just transplanted 6, the seedlings were not looking great so I was a little unsure whether to transplant all of them or not.

They were in the tray only for a month, I transplanted them into some waste PVC pipes until my grow bags arrived..

These already had some buds on them, they flowered in another 1 week and a few had small fruits as well, but I removed all the flowers & fuits hoping to promote more growth, these plants were stunt for a long time, I was feeding HR1 initially and HR2 later.

I had some in small plastic pots, I didn’t wanted to disturb their roots so I transplanted them into the bags along with the pot, just had to cut out the base of the pot without cutting the roots, it was a easy job.

Around Oct 20th 2012 these were transplanted into grow bags, looked stunt for some time. They looked very ugly in the beginning so i wasn’t sure if they would yield anything.

Now they are in full bloom and looking good, i see some fruits as well.

Full bloom cherry tomatoe

Small tiny tomato ..looks promising..

The Start, Seeding

Day – 1 for the First Seedlings.. 16th Sept 2012

The seeds were soaked on 8th Sept 2012 & put into the tray on 10th Sept 2012

I sowed tomatoes & eggplants in the same tray(same day – 8th sept 2012), tomatoes were germinated pretty fast, couldn’t see any real eggplants at this stage. Though some are trying to pop up their heads..

Doesn’t looks that great at this moment, but seeing them come out was a joyous moment.

The medium used is just coir-pith(coco-peat), didn’t use any nutrients at this stage, just plain water.

These are bio-carve seeds, ordered online – Good germination rate.


Well this is how it looked when all the seedlings came out..including the eggplants..

This is on 18 Sept 2012

Tomatoes look a little too leggy, thanks to lot of rains & no sun for the past 1 week.. I did keep them under a CFL light for few hours hoping that might be of any help but in vein, these little ones desperately need some good sunlight..

Not given any nutrients at this stage, just tap water

This is how they looked after 2 days.. got some sunlight as well. I made a small greenhouse for them, mainly to protect from birds who might wanna peck at them..

On 20th Sept 2012 ( Eggplants & tomatoes)

These seedlings were started with a quarter strength Dr. Howard Resh stage 1 nutrient a day before.. I wasn’t quite sure how would they react so i just gave 1/4 strength, though they recommend at least 1/2 strength.

I still see some leggy plants, i guess there’s still not enough sunlight, at least 3-4 hours of direct sun & few hours of bright light is what they need at this stage.


24th Sept 2012–

The seedlings are getting good light and half strength HR Stage 1. Though it still rains sometimes.

On 24th Sept 2012

The 5th tomato seedling in the lower row is getting a yellow leave which is bothering me a lot at this point. The medium might be too damped all the time that could be the most likely cause. So i am gonna let it dry a few times, hopefully that will help.


29th Sept 2012.

Seedlings have grown well in the last 1 week, with full strength HR Stage -1 they are doing just fine. Though not sure if the solution is still very strong for this stage.

On 29th Sept 2012

The plant with one yellow leaf was corrected by drying the media between feeds, but now I’ve got two other such seedlings.
Anyways so far things are looking good…


2nd Oct 2012

The plants are growing well, but the two seedlings with yellow leaves are a little stunt, otherwise things looks pretty good..

The yellow ones are marked ..though yellowness looks so prominent in the picture.

On 2nd Oct 2012

Close up of the two yellow plants.
I wonder what it could be, all the plants are give the same amount of food and light, could that be something wrong with the seeds, some genetic stuff..lets wait and watch.

The next step would be to transplant these or at least some of the bigger plants to bigger containers.

May be in the next post, this is getting very long with all the pictures..