Tomatoes, First Harvest..


Caro Rich… very juicy and meaty, has a mild flavor..

As it’s an early variety it matures in 50-60 days after transplant

its a heavy produce compared to other varieties I’ve grown.

Some Tomatoes had cracks though the packet from Annadana says it’s crack resistant, another issue was blossom-end rot one plant fell victim to that had to remove those tomatoes early, but none had curly leave virus issues 🙂





11 thoughts on “Tomatoes, First Harvest..

  1. hello manu
    long time no talk, hope you had a good harvest of the tomatoes. From the two tomato d plants planteds in dec got around 2-3 kgs happy – got a few things going here like watermelon taking for ever and new cherry and grape tomatoes – palak has bolted and am waiting for colleting seeds soon also still have lots of leaves – so far so good
    would be nice to hear from you

  2. watermelon takes a long time.. but it will get there don’t worry..patience..
    where did you get grape tomatoe’s seed.. i too need it

  3. hey
    knew you would ask for the pictures had taken some a couple of weeks ago will try to upload them today along with some more pictures.
    got the cherry and grape tomato from gg about an year ago but has germinated well and are flowering and fruting. so if you need then can send it out to you – or you can ask GG if he still has them (do not have a lot but can share)
    what is status of your terrace?????

    • ok.. i will ask GG..
      got some gigantic tomato produce recently.. will post pictures…
      nothing new for now since I m closing down to built a greenhouse..

  4. not doing much here, has been raining a lot so I let it be, will be starting this week so lets see what happens. this time around i will post some pictures
    hope you get back to gardening ASAP – you were doing so well and what happened to the greenhouse plan.

  5. hi’s your greenhouse set up going on? I’ve taken a break from hydroponics coz of rains. Planning to start next month. Also, in my case plants used to grow well and even flowering. But, it comes to fruiting stage, I’m not getting much success. Tomato plants bear fruit but the size are small and numbers are very less. Same is with ladies finger, water melon, cucumber. Not sure where am I getting wrong. I’m using cocopeat as medium and using nutrient solution daily once at morning.

    Can you guess what could be the problem? Also, can you please give me the formula for the nutrient solution that you use?

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