Grow Bag Tomatoes almost ready to pick..

Let the pictures only speak…

Below is just 60 Days from transplant.. Caro Rich is really an early variety..

Caro Rich. Its a Orange Beefsteak tomato..

Caro Rich. Its a Orange Beefsteak tomato..



Golden Delight Plant



Poland Pink



Caro Rich



Poland Pink plant has become almost a tree ..



7 thoughts on “Grow Bag Tomatoes almost ready to pick..

  1. hi manu
    plants look great, you must be happy with the produce. It is so nice when you grow something and it bears fruit well. do you allow the plants to continue growing or you are going to pull them out after this fruiting.
    happy tomatoes

  2. I am really happy with the produce..
    Most of them are determinate, they won’t produce more fruits and will die soon after the fruits are ripe… Poland Pink is the only variety I have that’s indeterminate, so that’s going to stay until it gives up on its own…

  3. Next i am growing some indeterminate varieties – Cherokee Purple, Golden Jubilee, Yellow Pear and (Marmande from GG) are in the seeding tray. Also some lettuces for the first time..
    Please share the photos of your plants..
    I hope they are doing good..

  4. Hi Manu,
    I see that some of your tomato plants have their leaves curled up. Is that normal? Are you using a pump to feed nutrient solution to your plants? If yes, then please let me know its specifications and cost.

    • 500 L per hour pump, cost Rs.250..
      This leaf curl is not virus or any big problem, read about tomato psychological leaf curl in google, you will know that it’s normal.

      • Can you please let me know from where you bought the pump? In ebay, I could locate pumps that deliver 2000L per hour. 500L per hour would suffice for me.

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