NFT Tomatoes – Fruiting

Just want to share some pictures of the NFT tomato setup which has started to set fruits..

It’s a determinate variety so I’ve not pruned the plants, just removed some suckers from the bottom.. Seeds were brought from Annadana, cultivar name Meghali

22nd Jan 2013

22nd Jan 2013

This was after 1 week of transplant..


after 3 weeks of transplant..


Below is the latest picture, taken 2 days ago..

These plants are 5 week after transplant..


The root have grown up to 2 feets, I couldn’t remove them out of the pipe.

One of my friend is growing the same variety in this DWC setup-




More later..


4 thoughts on “NFT Tomatoes – Fruiting

  1. Hi manu
    looking very good, thats very quick fruiting even in cold weather – most people seem to have the same question how can we get loads of tomatoes. mine are doing OK have some fruits nothing spectacular but the plants are healthy, no aphids (touch wood) but a lot of fallen flower which is oK for now
    green chilles seem to be going in shock all the time not sure why so there are many flowers but not many green chilles – maybe because they are placed in the same pot as the tomatoes –
    promise will take pictures and post in picassa or someplace. was checking anil hande’s pictures on picassa pretty cool stuff.
    thanks for taking the time to write and post pictures it sure helps a lot of people to get inspired. I have to cut my laziness and make my own nutrient solution ?????

    • Yes this is good growth although I didn’t much believe in these plants as they were weaker than my previous batch.. My growbag setup is loaded with all kinds tomatoes..just waiting for those to ripe… Give them enough food and if climate is good tomatoes fruit like crazy…tomatoes will not have many pests atleast nothing compared to eggplants..i was forced to kill all my eggplants due to pest control overhead..

  2. To All,

    Is there any chance to visit your place to have a look of your hydroponics setup and knowing fertilizers used at different growth stage.

    Really desperate and it will so kind if any of you can allow me. available at


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