Eggplants giving massive Harvests..

Eggplants giving massive Harvests..

eggplants harvest

2012-12-21_16-39-26_494 2012-12-19_15-52-46_145 2012-12-15_15-10-14_981 2012-12-15_15-10-05_473 2012-12-11_10-47-31_357 2012-12-08_07-30-05_434 2012-12-04_12-22-00_694 2012-12-01_12-33-01_989 2012-11-30_17-14-36_451 2012-11-30_10-37-20_317


2 thoughts on “Eggplants giving massive Harvests..

  1. hello manu
    happy new year how is egg plant harvest going on, are you planning any other plants than tomato and eggplant. My tomatoes are starting to form fruits so thanks for your advice to be patient. got one question – reading up some sites on hydro – they talk about flushing out the residues before harvest, how can that be done with plants continuing to produce esp like tomatoes and such which produce for a long time, any thoughts from you.

    • Hey, happy new year.. my eggplants are not fruiting much these days.. may be the cold.. but one black beauty plant has started to out perform others..looking forward to it.. i am growing chillies next.. & some beans next month etc… When are you sharing the PICTURES??… flushing means passing plain water thru the medium.. but don’t do it unless you want to kill your plants for some reason.. all that flushing which they talk about is for growing cannabis.. not for veggies.. Looking forward to see the pics of your garden..


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