Various Tomatoes

Ever wondered, why so many people grow tomatoes.. reason  is simple they are tasty & fun-to-grow vegetable it’s exciting to see small buds forming then becoming flowers & fruits, then you wait for them to ripe, growing tomatoes is a wonderful experience. All this doesn’t comes in easy for many of us, as tomato needs lot of care, they need the right amount & kind of fertilizer at the right time, good amount of sunlight & the right climate for optimum results. I guess giving them the best conditions & care is only possible is a controlled green house environment, but for us we can just hope & try to ensure that our conditions are closest to the best for our tomatoes. My first experiment with tomatoes was horrible, I thought they are the most difficult kind of plants to grow & I decided not to grow tomatoes ever, later changed my mind, once failed I did my homework well & this season changed my views about tomatoes for ever. I’ve always dreamed of having wonderful tomatoes growing on my terrace & have bountiful harvests, which is yet not a reality, but looks like a pretty close one ;).

These cherry tomatoes are definitely going to give a mega harvest–Cherry Tomatoes almost ready for harvest

Other than this I’ve got many different varieties coming up in on my terrace– a glimpse on their growth starting from the beginning till now…

I took a few out of the seeding tray for transplanting into grow bags.

Caro Rich seedlings on 2nd Dec 2012

Caro Rich seedlings on 2nd Dec 2012

Into the grow bags, these plants were transplanted at the right time so they did not exhibit any transplant stress and kept on growing at the right pace.  In the picture these are Caro Rich, Stripped Abundant & Poland Pink cultivars of tomato.

In the Growbags.. 6th Dec 2012

In the Growbags.. 6th Dec 2012

After a while I moved them into their final spot along with several other bags growing tomatoes, other varieties that I am growing along are Golden Delight & Arka Vikas, Golden delight is a medium sized yellow plant, determinate & Arka vikas is a medium sized hybrid of semi-determinate type.

These plants are manually fed as of now, my drip supply is missing some components, which I’ve ordered & I am waiting on the delivery, as soon as they come I will setup the drip for these plants, makes life very easy.

As of 12 Dec 2012

As of 12 Dec 2012

The plants are thriving up the sky, pretty soon they need some kind of support tied on to the top.

As of 17 Dec 2012

As of 17 Dec 2012

You can see the drip is almost ready, just waiting on the 2mm feeder pipe..

17th Dec 2012

17th Dec 2012

I already see many plants have blossoms, those at the right size will be able to contain them others I am afraid will loose these flowers.

Blossoms.. As of 17th Dec 2012

Blossoms.. As of 17th Dec 2012 (Caro Rich)

Drip & Support threads attached..

As of 20th Dec 2012

As of 20th Dec 2012

19th - Dec 2012

19th – Dec 2012

19th dec 2012

19th dec 2012

Some plants have formed tiny fruits, but it’s difficult to get a picture with my bad camera ;)..

more later..



5 thoughts on “Various Tomatoes

  1. wow pretty cool there – soon you are going to have a ton of tomatoes, what is the ppm you are maintaining for your tomatoes.

  2. Hey Madhavi..
    How r u..
    Yes looks like I am gonna have a problem of plenty, like how GG
    Eggplants I am giving away to neighbors also, last few harvests were pretty overwhelming..
    With tomatoes i am not much worried as we need a lot of tomatoes at home all the time..
    PPM of my final solution is 600-800..Let me also tell you the recipe I am using now.. see below–
    N 150
    K 200
    P 50
    MG 50
    Ca 150
    S 60
    fe 3
    Zn .3
    B .7
    Cu .2
    Mo 0.05
    Na .024
    Mn .8

    Happy Gardening..

    see you around..

  3. I am assuming all these are grams, have been talking to a chemical guy he is quoting about the same price as you were saying so maybe in the next couple weeks will try making the solution – haveto get Ph papers and EC even if I buy nutrient powder from GG so I can check these out
    doing good here, waiting patiently for the tomatoes to fruit, have got spinach in a upright pvc tube which is doing good, have got 2 zucchini (from GG) that needs trasplant soon. have water melon staring to grow.
    Couple of chillie plants along with the tomatoes, they had black aphids or something similar, have been spraying neem solution for the past two days, they are doing better same problem with lots of flowers but no fruit yet, these tomatoes and chillie are in the same pot so maybe needs more nutrition
    question for you – the tomatoes are giving out a lot of side shoot which I have been pinching but if I miss then they are growing strong with flowers immediately. what should i do – I got these transplants from my school so not sure what variety they are – so part of the problem.
    planning on staring some lettuce and radish and other plants so focus is out of tomato.
    sorry long comment
    talk to you soon

    • These are PPM values, if you put these in GrowBuddy, the nutrient calculator, then you can derive the gms needed to get that strength for each element in the final feed.
      Remove the side shoots even though they bear flowers if its a indeterminate plant.. for determinate don’t remove the side shoots as much as you do on the indeterminate plant..

  4. I could never get my chillies started off.. they died in the tray due to tobacco mosaic virus attack.. now i’ve started a local variety which is supposed to be resistant towards TMV..

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