Cherry Tomatoes Fruiting..

Cherry Tomatoes are looking beautiful.. don’t know if its the weather or something which is helping them grow…

these are the plants that i thought would not be able to survive this long & give any fruits..  i discarded some at an earlier stage to make way for another plants, but these plants proved me wrong.. here they are in their full glory..


the best truss so far.. hope to see them turning red in another week or so..

2012-12-06_12-59-01_470 2012-12-06_12-59-08_617 2012-12-06_13-01-12_624 growth2012-12-06_13-00-53_9302012-12-15_14-18-30_377 2012-12-15_14-18-46_308 2012-12-15_14-19-47_659 growth2012-12-06_13-00-53_930 IMG_20121215_154503 IMG_20121215_154612 IMG_20121215_154809


6 thoughts on “Cherry Tomatoes Fruiting..

  1. Looking very nice!

    Have couple of queries:
    – Have you ever faced the problem of green algae forming on the top of hydroponic medium? I’m facing it currently.
    – How do you prevent powdery mildew and leaf miner from happening?
    – Do you reuse the nutrient solution collected from the pot outlet?

    • Cover the media with black polythene.. even ive seen algae formation.. but in my media where is comes into contact with sunlight is always kind of dry. so i m not seeing algae anymore..

      you cant prevent unless you hav a closed environment, using pesticides & cleaning the plant with pestcide solution everyweek helps in keeping all kind of pests in control..

      No i do not reuse the nutes.. i hav small holes for drainage, but i seldom get anything out.. my media absorbs all the water i guess..

      • Manu…Thank you so much for clearing my doubts…hope you won’t mind if I trouble you with some more 😛

      • No problem Pramod, let me know if you have any doubts.. even i am learning new things all the time & even i bug a lot of people.. 😉

  2. Hi Manu
    long time how are your plants doing, got a question for you, one of my tomato plant is flowering (growing really well), yesterday noticed that the flowers are dropping like fruit does not set.
    been a little cold here in hyd but nothing like your place so can you offer any suggestions
    i have been reading on the web – maybe low humidity so have been misting the plants today. too cold ?? low N or high N _ anything you can suggest

    • just feed them & be patient.. may be climate is not good now.. tomatoes are known to be sensitive to temperature. just keep doing the normal stuff for a while and let the plant grow, dont worry about flowering issues at this stage.. post some pictures in GG forum, so people can see the plants and tell you if anything is going wrong.. as long as they are growing the stem & leaves at this stage you shouldn’t be much worried…

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