Cherry Tomato Dwarf

Some update & Pictures of Tomatoes.

When i started my seeds in September 2012, I planted some tomatoes as well. I had two varieties of tomatoes–

PMLS Round & Cherries.

PMLS round did not germinate at all . I didn’t do any labeling so I wasn’t sure what’s what.. so I was hoping that out of the 9 seedlings some might be cherry & some PMLS round. Now I know all those were cherry tomatoes only. Out of the 9 I just transplanted 6, the seedlings were not looking great so I was a little unsure whether to transplant all of them or not.

They were in the tray only for a month, I transplanted them into some waste PVC pipes until my grow bags arrived..

These already had some buds on them, they flowered in another 1 week and a few had small fruits as well, but I removed all the flowers & fuits hoping to promote more growth, these plants were stunt for a long time, I was feeding HR1 initially and HR2 later.

I had some in small plastic pots, I didn’t wanted to disturb their roots so I transplanted them into the bags along with the pot, just had to cut out the base of the pot without cutting the roots, it was a easy job.

Around Oct 20th 2012 these were transplanted into grow bags, looked stunt for some time. They looked very ugly in the beginning so i wasn’t sure if they would yield anything.

Now they are in full bloom and looking good, i see some fruits as well.

Full bloom cherry tomatoe

Small tiny tomato ..looks promising..


7 thoughts on “Cherry Tomato Dwarf

  1. hello manu
    great pictures and good harvest. question for you do you feed the plants NS(nutirents) everyday even if the cocopeat or grow bag is wet.

    • No i don’t feed everyday.. “Nutrients – Dry Day – Plain water” is the pattern… This cycle keeps running.. I am thinking of doing “Nutrients – Dry Day – Plain water – Dry Day” going forward, so every alternate day is a dry day & I feed nutrients only twice a week.. this will make my cost very down..feeding nutes everyday can be expensive. But this feeding pattern will change in summer.. right now it’s winter here so this pattern works.. but summer are very hot. i am not even sure whether i will be able to sustain in the summer heat..

      If the bag is wet then don’t feed..

      • that sounds fine but the extra growth and fruiting maybe due to feeding everyday – in any system DWC or NFT – you think for home growers like us it is necessary that plants be fed everyday – i see your plants are very heathy but the yield do you feel is good – i want to follow something like this but not sure on the yield part – do let me know your thoughts

  2. madhavi — DWC & NFT are different, if i was using any of these systems of course the feeding pattern would had been different. But in bags its a whole different story, grow bags hold nutrients and causes salt buildup as well, salt buildup can cause issues as well. I’ve been using the said pattern for over a month now & havn’t observed any issues, plants are still growing and fruiting well. Unless i see there’s a problem with this pattern i must not change it. As i said it works fine for now & saves nutes so I am gonna continue with it.

    thanks for stopping by,

  3. the yield i agree is not that great.. but it may be due to a lot of other factors as well..
    all my mistakes experimenting with the different type of solutions in the beginning..
    like at the time when i shud had given them only the formula for vegetative growth i switched to bloom..that was the big mistake…
    overcrowding had also been a greedy thing i,,

  4. thanks for the info – for now I am planning to continue with cocopeat in pots – with pretty much your type of schedule – like to see what happens – my next big thing being making my own solution. couple of things in regard to brinjal – always feel they are picky plants – maybe your tomotoes will do great – secondly is there any ppm change or particular nutrient change that may help brinjal flower and fruit more – has to be seen – for most of the research has been on tomatoes and lettuce and such.
    am also planning on growing bottle gourd or snake grourd and see how they do.
    thanks a lot for answering all my questions I really want to succed in this after many frustrating years with soil and organic
    have a good weekend

  5. Cocopeat in pots was my initial idea.. but GG could send the bags over to me so i didn’t had to buy pots & media separately.
    The only issue i’ve seen so far with Brinjal is pest- they love brinjal, but generally brinjal is more forgiving than tomato or lettuce.. choose some cultivar with small fruits to start with..
    PPM tells the concentration of salts in your solution, the more diluted solutions will have low PPM… by checking PPM after making the end solution is a good approach .. like sometimes i make mistakes & my solution becomes more concentrated than what i was expecting, to correct it i can add more plain water. PPM change will happen on the basis of what & how much salts you are adding into the solution. If you make a concentrated stock solution & want to increase the PPM you will have to add more of it in the end solution, but that will not cause any flowering or aid fruiting… for that to happen you need to change the individual salt quantities in the stock solution.
    example – a fruiting solution will have more of K than P & N.. a vegetative will have more of N…
    I hope this makes it clear.

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