Cherry Tomato Dwarf

Some update & Pictures of Tomatoes.

When i started my seeds in September 2012, I planted some tomatoes as well. I had two varieties of tomatoes–

PMLS Round & Cherries.

PMLS round did not germinate at all . I didn’t do any labeling so I wasn’t sure what’s what.. so I was hoping that out of the 9 seedlings some might be cherry & some PMLS round. Now I know all those were cherry tomatoes only. Out of the 9 I just transplanted 6, the seedlings were not looking great so I was a little unsure whether to transplant all of them or not.

They were in the tray only for a month, I transplanted them into some waste PVC pipes until my grow bags arrived..

These already had some buds on them, they flowered in another 1 week and a few had small fruits as well, but I removed all the flowers & fuits hoping to promote more growth, these plants were stunt for a long time, I was feeding HR1 initially and HR2 later.

I had some in small plastic pots, I didn’t wanted to disturb their roots so I transplanted them into the bags along with the pot, just had to cut out the base of the pot without cutting the roots, it was a easy job.

Around Oct 20th 2012 these were transplanted into grow bags, looked stunt for some time. They looked very ugly in the beginning so i wasn’t sure if they would yield anything.

Now they are in full bloom and looking good, i see some fruits as well.

Full bloom cherry tomatoe

Small tiny tomato ..looks promising..


Seed started – Tomatos, Eggplants & Chillies

As the first set of plants are doing good i am forced to start some more plants, last time the Bio carve chillies didn’t germinate at all. I’ve got some seeds from Annandana soil & seed savers. Different kind of chillies are there so i am hopeful this time..

I’ve seeds started below plants–

1) Tomatoes – Caro Rich, Striped Abundant(cherry), Golden delight(Cherry), Arka Vikas, Mehgali, Poland Pink & Broad Ripple..

2) Eggplants – Dark Long Red, Gullu Badane, Heddurgulla Hosanagar, Imperial Black Beauty, Violet Florence

3)Chillies – Great black, Orissa kala, Bangalore Long red

(Meghali, Broad Ripple ,Heddurgulla Hosanagar & Violet Florence are still in the germination box. Normally i keep the seeds for germination first before putting in the tray. You can take a air tight box, put your seeds in some paper towels, wet them and store in air tight box placed in some warm dark place for 2-3 days. )

Rest is here in the trays..

These seeds were put to germination on 2 – Nov 2012.. so far the growth is good.

As of 7th Nov 2012

As of 11 Nov 2012

As of 19 Nov 2012

Buds, Flowers & Fruits …

8 – 11- 2012

As you see there is no drainage collection system here, reason being i don’t need one at this stage. I just pump enough water so it doesn’t comes out of the drainage holes and should be enough for the plants to survive the day. I water the plants every morning through the drip, 16 liters to 20 liters for 24 plants, which is enough right now.

Below picture is of Purple Long from Bio Carve, it’s giving the most healthiest buds & flowers, even the plant is very sturdy.

Below is a group of clustered buds, most of them are falling off due to some reason. May be the plants are not yet ready to host fruits…

Eggplants fruit..

6 th Nov 2012

The plants were already flowering from the last 8-9 days..¬†None if the flowers have fallen though, but its too early for them to set fruits. Anyways i didn’t pinched off any blossoms, so here is what i get now.. a new set fruit…

Picture taken on 6th Nov 2012

Its just been 44 days since i sowed the seeds and only 20 days since i transplanted them to the grow¬† bags…

Here is another one — almost out of the flower.. and there are many such small fruits already setting..

These are PMLS black beauty ordered from Bio Carve seeds.. turned out to be good, their Purple long didn’t had good germination but the plant looks good, i just have one plant of that which is looking great at the moment, its already setting fruits. pics in next post..

Eggplants progress.. In Growbags..

10 days after the transplant–

This picture was taken at night..

trying to set up drip..

Some more shots…

29th Oct 2012…

I started with stage2 nutrient… which forced some blossoms.. but i don’t want them wasting energy to produce fruits so early.. so a i am back to stage 1..

26 OCT 2012

You see some tomatos, which i started along with eggplants, they had problems initially but now they are growing well..some patience paid off..

30 Oct 2012

30 OCT 2012