Stage 1 Nutrients

Just straight figures of whats needed, how much ..

Howard Resh Stage 1 Tomato is what i am feeding my plants now.

The desired PPM values are below–

Elements N K P Mg Ca S Primary
PPM 100 200 40 20 100 50
Trace Elements Fe Zn B Cu Mo Mn
3 0.1 0.3 0.07 0.03 0.8

To make a 100 liters solution you will need the below mixture, make sure you completely dissolve one salt before introducing the next one.

This is just a starter solution, plants have different needs at different stages, so we need to keep changing it as per the requirement. For my small plants this is just enough, may be i need to upgrade the solution to HR Stage 2 in another 2 weeks.

Instead of making full 100 liters at once I prefer to make concentrated A & B solutions.


5 thoughts on “Stage 1 Nutrients

  1. hello manu
    is the above hydro solution good still, for me to follow. do you have any onlines stores that sell these chemicals also for trace elements – GG had suggested using Tracel or a micro nutrient mix from rallis. since such small anounts are required. I have a pretty good idead about sol A and B now so if the weights are still Ok then I can use the above formula.

    • yes this solution is the best for vegetative growth.. give 1/2 initially & full after a week to seedlings..
      making trace element can be costly, but if you are sure that you will be doing gardening for a long time then you can go ahead and buy these salts..make a concentrated solution of trace elements & use in your stock B solution instead of adding individual salts..


      • any online dealer you are aware of for the chemicals or just school chemical shop are good enough, what would be the changes if I were to need for flowers/fruits – i do plan on gardening for a long time – so the stock A solution will have all nitrites and sol B will have phosphates. then add the trace mix to solution B
        does it sound correct to you, thanks

  2. These are lab chemicals, any chemical supplier can sell you these.. just search in yellow pages & ring a few suppliers .. that worked for me..;)
    Calcium Nitrate – Rs.177
    Potassium Nitrate – Rs. 275
    Magnesium Sulphate – Rs. 177
    Potassium Monobasic Phosphate – Rs. 365
    Potassium Sulphate – Rs. 285
    These are very common..trace elements are hard to get & expensive–

    [*Zinc Suphate – *Sodium molybdate – Rs. – 100 gms, *Manganese Sulphate
    *Boric Acid, *Copper sulphate] This whole lot was for Rs. 2300 Sorry i don’t have individual rates for these.
    Iron Edta – Rs. 740 (this was discount rate I got for an old stock, normal rate of 500 gm can go up to 1300, look for smaller bottle 100-250 gms)

    Calcium Nitrate, Potassium nitrate & Edta Iron goes into stock A & rest in stock B.

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