Out of the root trainers..

On 4th Oct 2012

The plants were crowding in the tray so i decided to transplant all the Eggplants since they all have many big leaves and its about time they get a bigger pot.

See the root growth, it’s excellent  for a 3 week old plant , I could never achieve this in compost or soil.

Root trainer trays are great for making a strong root system.

A root trainer, root-training pot or root pruning container is an aid to the cultivation of young plants and trees in nurseries. There are many different designs of pots that will train the roots. One example is a truncated plastic cone in which a seedling is planted. There is a drainage hole at the bottom and the main tap root tends to grow towards this.

This encourage the roots the grow a denser system of root hairs. How it does this it to have the pots designed so as to air prune the roots. The advantage is when the plant is planted into its home environment it has a stronger root base to start with.


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