Eggplants in Growbags

16th Oct 2012
The eggplants from my last post got destroyed in a heavy storm, i didn’t had to start fresh as i had another set sowed just 10 days after the first batch..

8 Oct 2012

It took a while to get my grow bags transported to Baroda(vadodara), till then these seedlings had grown very sturdy.. i was giving them HR Stage1 till now.

Here comes the grow bags on 16th Oct 2012..

These eggplant plugs looks so professional, i loved pulling them out of the root trainers..

here they go into the grow bag..

Just placed them in sun on my terrace


I still have to figure out a lot of other things, like drainage collecting, automated watering etc.. pest issues etc.

more in next post..



Eggplants transplanted

Eggplants were transplanted on 4th Oct 2012 to some small containers..

Some small ones are still staying in the tray…

Out of the root trainers..

On 4th Oct 2012

The plants were crowding in the tray so i decided to transplant all the Eggplants since they all have many big leaves and its about time they get a bigger pot.

See the root growth, it’s excellent  for a 3 week old plant , I could never achieve this in compost or soil.

Root trainer trays are great for making a strong root system.

A root trainer, root-training pot or root pruning container is an aid to the cultivation of young plants and trees in nurseries. There are many different designs of pots that will train the roots. One example is a truncated plastic cone in which a seedling is planted. There is a drainage hole at the bottom and the main tap root tends to grow towards this.

This encourage the roots the grow a denser system of root hairs. How it does this it to have the pots designed so as to air prune the roots. The advantage is when the plant is planted into its home environment it has a stronger root base to start with.

Stage 1 Nutrients

Stage 1 Nutrients

Just straight figures of whats needed, how much ..

Howard Resh Stage 1 Tomato is what i am feeding my plants now.

The desired PPM values are below–

Elements N K P Mg Ca S Primary
PPM 100 200 40 20 100 50
Trace Elements Fe Zn B Cu Mo Mn
3 0.1 0.3 0.07 0.03 0.8

To make a 100 liters solution you will need the below mixture, make sure you completely dissolve one salt before introducing the next one.

This is just a starter solution, plants have different needs at different stages, so we need to keep changing it as per the requirement. For my small plants this is just enough, may be i need to upgrade the solution to HR Stage 2 in another 2 weeks.

Instead of making full 100 liters at once I prefer to make concentrated A & B solutions.

The Start, Seeding

Day – 1 for the First Seedlings.. 16th Sept 2012

The seeds were soaked on 8th Sept 2012 & put into the tray on 10th Sept 2012

I sowed tomatoes & eggplants in the same tray(same day – 8th sept 2012), tomatoes were germinated pretty fast, couldn’t see any real eggplants at this stage. Though some are trying to pop up their heads..

Doesn’t looks that great at this moment, but seeing them come out was a joyous moment.

The medium used is just coir-pith(coco-peat), didn’t use any nutrients at this stage, just plain water.

These are bio-carve seeds, ordered online – Good germination rate.


Well this is how it looked when all the seedlings came out..including the eggplants..

This is on 18 Sept 2012

Tomatoes look a little too leggy, thanks to lot of rains & no sun for the past 1 week.. I did keep them under a CFL light for few hours hoping that might be of any help but in vein, these little ones desperately need some good sunlight..

Not given any nutrients at this stage, just tap water

This is how they looked after 2 days.. got some sunlight as well. I made a small greenhouse for them, mainly to protect from birds who might wanna peck at them..

On 20th Sept 2012 ( Eggplants & tomatoes)

These seedlings were started with a quarter strength Dr. Howard Resh stage 1 nutrient a day before.. I wasn’t quite sure how would they react so i just gave 1/4 strength, though they recommend at least 1/2 strength.

I still see some leggy plants, i guess there’s still not enough sunlight, at least 3-4 hours of direct sun & few hours of bright light is what they need at this stage.


24th Sept 2012–

The seedlings are getting good light and half strength HR Stage 1. Though it still rains sometimes.

On 24th Sept 2012

The 5th tomato seedling in the lower row is getting a yellow leave which is bothering me a lot at this point. The medium might be too damped all the time that could be the most likely cause. So i am gonna let it dry a few times, hopefully that will help.


29th Sept 2012.

Seedlings have grown well in the last 1 week, with full strength HR Stage -1 they are doing just fine. Though not sure if the solution is still very strong for this stage.

On 29th Sept 2012

The plant with one yellow leaf was corrected by drying the media between feeds, but now I’ve got two other such seedlings.
Anyways so far things are looking good…


2nd Oct 2012

The plants are growing well, but the two seedlings with yellow leaves are a little stunt, otherwise things looks pretty good..

The yellow ones are marked ..though yellowness looks so prominent in the picture.

On 2nd Oct 2012

Close up of the two yellow plants.
I wonder what it could be, all the plants are give the same amount of food and light, could that be something wrong with the seeds, some genetic stuff..lets wait and watch.

The next step would be to transplant these or at least some of the bigger plants to bigger containers.

May be in the next post, this is getting very long with all the pictures..